Let's Sleep

Published on 18 January 2021 at 13:02

Sleeping is becoming a very big struggle for a lot of people. There is more to sleep than you think.

First of all, it is so important that we keep our body clock regular. By this i mean set an alarm and get up at the same time every morning. When you rise in the morning your body releases the cortisol hormone, this is the awareness, alertness hormone. This is released when you see brightness, so the best way to release this is actually by looking outside. No i do not want you to look up at the sun, just outside at the day light. 


This starts your body clock for the day. So your body now knows that 14-16hrs from cortisol has been released your sleepy hormone melatonin will release. What is melatonin? Melatonin is the hormone your body releases in the evening to get you into the relaxed mode for bed. The same way as you looked at bright light in the morning to release cortisol, for melatonin we need to dim the lights and try to relax. This is the main reason why we should not look at a phone, laptop or tablet before bed as the blue light is preventing the melatonin from releasing at the correct rate. 


We should not look at our phones for the first hour in the morning or the last hour before bed. The first hour in the morning is so you do not read something that stresses you and sets you up badly for the day, the last hour before bed is so melatonin releases at the correct rate to let you sleep.


I am amazed at the amount of adults that actually bring their phones into the bed, no, no ,no. Also please place your phone on silent during the night (yes your alarm will still go off). Think about this, when you have a new baby and you have no clue when your new baby will wake, you never get into a deep sleep as your waiting for this baby to wake, well having your phone on during the night your waiting for a beep and not getting a good night sleep.


Why is it important you get a good nights sleep? Your body works very very hard for you as you sleep. There are 4 different stages of sleep. Your body starts repairing your body and getting it ready for the next day. It repairs and heals your muscles. It releases insulin which in turn brings down your blood sugar level, preventing you from becoming a diabetic type 2, wow right. It files all the information you have learned in your memory. It releases a hormone in your gut so the signal is sent to your brain when your full, amazing, so now you know them days when you can not be filled that it was your sleep that caused it. Your body paralyses your muscles so you do not act out your dreams, funny. An anti-diuretic hormone released by the brain switches off the need to go pee. And so much more, it really is working hard.


Sleep deprivation can cause you to have mood swings and you are more prone to anxiety and depression. So now do you understand how important your daily routine is to your sleep and how important sleep is to your body and mind? Also during the day its really good to get exercise, remember back when your kids were small and you brought them to the park to tire them out and it worked right. Now, why do you think that doesn't work for you? Look after you, you need to understand in life that no one else can ever be you, you are unique but you also must understand you are the only one that can look after you. Please look after you ❤


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